Earthiness copper eye cups

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How to Use

*How to use Earthiness copper eye

 Use one teaspoon of Earthiness
rose water in each cup.

 Fill the rest of the cup with
filtered water ensuring it is filled to the brim.

 Let the rose water stand with the
lid of the copper cups on for an hour so that it gets the coolness from the

 Remove make-up from eyes for the
ritual because it may be harmful

 Hold the cup in your hand, lower
the head to dip your eyes in water completely.

 Blink a few times.

 Rotate clockwise and
anticlockwise looking in each extreme direction for few seconds.

 Blink a few more times.

 Rinse, clean and dry the cups, place clean lids after


1. Suffering from constant eye
strain due to pronlonged screen exposure, this is highly beneficial to soothe n
refresh them.


2. Helpful for tired or puffy
eyes, irritation of eyes or watering of eyes.


3. Reduction of dark circles due
to increase in blood circulation around eyes.


4. Relieves headache due to
stress, eye strain


5. Cleans eyes thoroughly ,
rinses out dirt, irritants, and other foreign particles

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