Celebrate the Divine Feminine with Earthwise Beauty 🌿

Celebrate the Divine Feminine with Earthwise Beauty 🌿

This Navratri, embrace the power of nature with our special range of products. Our Night Cream and Black Sesame and Cinnamon Oil are crafted with love and respect for Mother Earth, much like the reverence we have for the Goddess during these auspicious nine nights.

Nourish Your Hair with Natural Care Products

Our hair care range includes a Hair Conditioner, Smooth and Shine Shampoo, Onion and black Sesame 10-in 1 Magic Hair Oil, Natural Hair Colours in Black and Brown, a Hair Smoothening Pack, Clarifying Mask for Hair, Neem Comb, Anti Dandruff Serum, a Frizz Serum, and a Hair Growth Serum. These products are designed to nourish your hair, giving it a healthy shine and strength.

Revitalize Your Skin with Organic Care Products

For skin care, we have a Hydrating Daily Face Cream, Glow Cream, anti-aging Ceramide Cream, Vitamin C Glowing Face Serum, Skin Repair Gel, Beldi Hydrating Face Wash, Kumkumadi Face Wash, Kumkumadi Brightening Oil, anti-aging Face Serum, Rose and Vetiver Face Toner, Under Eye Serum, Water Based Serum, Eladi Cream, Revitalising Night Cream, Rejuvenating Face Serum, and a Pure Rose Water. We also offer a Walnut and Coffee Scrub, a Detan Pack, an Anti Wrinkle Face Pack and a Natural Moisturising Sunscreen.

Men’s Grooming Essentials

For men, we have a specially formulated Shaving Cream and an After Shave Lotion that soothe the skin post-shave, leaving it soft and supple.

Pamper Your Body with Luxurious Body Care Products

Our body care range includes the luxurious Argan Body Butter and the nourishing Almond Body Butter. We also offer a radiant body oil, the Kansa Wand Face Massager, Shatadhauta Ghruta Cream, Yashyadi Ghruta, Pain Relief Oil, Abhyanga Ubtan, and Abhyanga Oil.

Celebrate Navratri with Our Special Offer

And what better way to honor the Goddess than with a toast? Our copper goblets, reminiscent of the sacred lotus in which the Goddess resides, are perfect for your festive beverages.

Join us in celebrating Navratri, a festival of dance, devotion, and joy. Shop now and enjoy a 25% discount on our select range. Happy Navratri!