Shatadhauta Ghruta



  1. Product description
    Shatadhauta Ghruta is an ayurvedic formulation extensively used for skincare treatment. In Sanskrit Shata means 100, dhauta means washed with water, and ghrita means ghee. Shatadhauta Ghruta is prepared by washing purified ghee one hundred times with water. It spells magic on the skin. It is a natural moisturizer and anti-wrinkle unguent that keeps the skin cool and makes it soft by nourishing all layers of tissue.
    Shatadhauta Ghruta is a thick concentrated ayurvedic cream that heals the damaged skin by penetrating into all seven layers of tissue and cures the skin problems from within making the surface smooth and silky.
    Can be used as hands cream, foot cream, cracked heels, dryness of scalp, hands, afterburn cream, it’s a magical ayurvedic formulation.
  2. Benefits
    The cooling properties of Shatadhauta Ghruta provide instant relief from burning sensations and burnt wounds.
    Shatadhauta Ghruta aids in the rebuilding of dermal tissue and supports the healing of the skin.
    It is an amazing astringent, anti-wrinkle, and cleansing cream suitable for all skin types.
    Its anti-inflammation property helps in soothing the pain caused by skin irritation.
    Applying Shatadauta Ghruta helps in removing scars, spots, and dark circles from the skin.
    Its moisturizing properties help in curing chapped and dry lips. It can also be applied over the skin before the bath to treat the dryness of the skin.
    It gives an even-toned skin by removing various scars of acne, chickenpox, etc.
    Its astringent qualities help in balancing the skin doshas.
    This amazing lotion is potent in curing skin-related disorders like herpes and erysipelas.
  3. Ingredients
    100 percent pure ghee, saffron, and herbs.
    Prepared by washing pure ghee 100 times.
  4. Directions for use
    Use as and when required
    Weight: 50 gm


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