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Earthiness is registered brand of Greenzie Labs LLP

The word ‘Earthy’ evokes the essence – Pure & Natural, Simple yet Beautiful, something that heals from within and roots us to Mother Earth. An extension of this spirit in creating our products is what we call ‘Earthiness’.

Born of natural elements and origination from the ancient wisdom of ‘Ayurveda’ – Mother of all Healing; Earthiness is an art to amplify your beauty Naturally.Our brand motto is to use this wisdom with precision for the benefit it provides.

Our products are 100% FREE from BPA, chemicals, preservatives, cruelty, paraben, and sulphur AND we also use recyclable packaging!

Journey of Earthiness!

We began our journey in 2018, handcrafting skincare and hair products developed through natural ingredients. Since then we have proudly catered to the needs of thousands of consumers who believe in natural, chemical-free, and sustainable solutions for self and family care. Today, we specialize in a wide range of products to address all the different skin and hair care needs, each being solved through a blend of natural ingredients.


A daughter of a doctor and an inquisitive kid by nature, Dr. Shikha Khandelwal always veered towards healing. Having found her interest in homeopathy, she believed in curing people from within. It started after the birth of her second child who was allergic to animal protein and on top of this, she started suffering from psoriasis. The immediate next step was to shift to 100% natural and chemical-free products for daily consumption. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t as easy as thought and that’s when this idea was conceptualized.

Over a period of trials and learnings, she could understand that many had similar or dormant needs but in the absence of any specific brand or product recall, exercising options seemed out of reach. That’s how Earthiness came to life in 2018. Till today she has touched thousands of lives and with her keen sense of Ayurvedic and Natural healing, she has managed to scale up in launching a wide range of products in skin, hair, and oral care. Join hands and savor this amazing journey with her, contributing to healthy and happy living.

Email: shikha@earthiness.co.in

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